>_ Welcome to my little digital home in 2021

Hi and welcome to my aged website. I am a random guy who fell in love with the concepts behind Linux and other open source technologies long before I made them my profession.

This place was ment to be an alternative to my well-visited tech blog which I took offline a couple of months ago. Here, on this website, I planned to upload some handy self-written tools or publish my old IT and architecture concepts online. Some of this might be interesting for others aswell. However, after not having updated this website for a while and having learned so many new things, I think that my old work no longer meets my own standards for quality. This is why I decided to only use this website as some sort of hyperlink list for my own publications in the media.

I might come back in a year or two and add some fresh content if there is something worthy to share with you.

In the meantime, I thank you for your visit and recommend browsing the list of my publications here. If you are into stargazing, this page might be interesting enough to keep you around for a couple of minutes.