After having published so many articles in print and online magazines, I wanted to take it one step further and publish self-written books. A dream of mine was always to write something about a specific technology, such as "SaltStack introduction". However, I learned that writing a book is completly different than writing a small article for some magazine. Not only the writing takes time, but also the research, verification of code/config samples and feedback cycles make writing a book a task for many months, if not for one or two years.

Sadly, I never managed to give myself enough time for writing such a book.

Still, I managed to publish three little books in 2017: A scifi short story stretched over two books, available for a cent price on Amazon; and one book about the German apprenticeship for computer science (Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration). The last one was co-written with Jonas Hahn, a very appreciated former co-worker and great computer scienctist.

Having the year 2021, we noticed that we failed to update the IT book about the apprenticeship system, which is why we de-listed it from Amazon. In addition, I took my old scifi books offline. Although they managed to have some readers over the Kindle flatrate, I no longer think they match my own requirements for a good read.

But who knows what the future holds for me? If you happen to stumble over this page and think: Hey, I want this guy to provide one or two chapters to my own book, feel free to drop me a message!

Book list removed for obvious reasons